Why Does Pooping Feel Good? 5 Proven Benefits of pooping in the morning

Why Does Pooping Feel Good
Posted On: March 27th, 2023
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Why Does Pooping Feel Good? The Science Behind Bowel Movements

Bowel motions are a normal body process and are crucial for preserving overall health and wellbeing. But have you ever questioned why it feels nice to poop? In this post, we’ll look at the science underlying bowel movements, including how the digestive system functions, how the brain and gut are connected, and how endorphins are released. We can appreciate our bodies and the jobs they do better if we comprehend the procedures that lead to the feeling of relief following a bowel movement.

The Digestive System: A Brief Overview

Let’s briefly examine the digestive tract before delving into the science of bowel movements. The digestive system is an intricate network of tissues and organs that collaborate to digest food and assimilate nutrients. It consists of the anus, rectum, small intestine, large intestine, stomach, mouth, oesophagus, and colon.

The large intestine absorbs water and electrolytes, generating solid faecal waste, while the small intestine is in charge of absorbing the majority of the nutrients from food. Faeces are held in the rectum until they are released during a bowel movement through the anus.

Why Does Pooping Feel Good

What Happens During Bowel Movements

The colon and rectum contract to force faeces out of the body during a bowel movement. The stretching of the rectum, which causes the sensation of needing to urinate, alerts the brain to the need to use the lavatory.

The rectum might empty its contents when we sit on the toilet and relax our anal sphincter muscles. We feel a sense of comfort and relaxation as faeces are evacuated from the body. This sensation is brought on by a number of things, including the release of trapped gas and waste, as well as the reduction of pressure on the colon and rectum.

The Role of the Brain-Gut Connection

A challenging and exciting field of research is the relationship between the brain and the gut. More than 100 million neurons make up the enteric nervous system, the gut’s own nervous system. The fact that this system can function independently of the central nervous system has led to frequent references to it as the “second brain.”

A network of nerves and chemical messengers, such as neurotransmitters and hormones, connects the brain to the gut. Digestion, hunger, and mood are all influenced by these signals.

The enteric nervous system uses the vagus nerve to communicate with the brain when we feel the urge to urinate. After interpreting these impulses, the brain starts to feel the urge to urinate.

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Why Does Pooping Feel Good

Endorphins: The Natural Painkillers

The body naturally produces compounds called endorphins that function as sedatives and mood enhancers. They are released in reaction to a range of stimuli, such as laughing, consuming spicy food, and even exercising.

It’s interesting to note that bowel movements also cause the release of endorphins. Relief and relaxation felt after pooping are assumed to be a result of this release.

The Link Between Bowel Movements and Mental Health

Bowel health and mental health are closely related, in addition to the advantages that regular bowel movements have on our physical health. Constipation, bloating, and diarrhoea are examples of digestive problems that can cause discomfort, worry, and even despair.

According to research, people who have certain digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), are more likely to struggle with anxiety and depression. This is probably because of the intricate interactions between the stomach and the brain, as well as the effects of long-term digestive problems on daily living.

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Why Does Pooping Feel Good

Why is a good bowel movement important?

Your general health and well-being may be considerably impacted by the consistency of your bowel motions. Constipation, bloating, and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms can result from irregular bowel movements. Contrarily, regular, healthy bowel movements can strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

What Can Affect the Sensation of Relief After Bowel Movements?

While having a bowel movement should often make you feel relieved and relaxed, there are some things that can change how you feel. They consist of:

  • Dehydration: Lack of water in the body can result in stools that are tougher and more challenging to pass, which can cause discomfort and a smaller sense of relief after bowel movements.
  • Medications: Opioids and some antidepressants, for example, can make bowel motions more challenging and uncomfortable by causing constipation.
  • Stress: Stress can significantly affect how well the digestive system works and can increase feelings of discomfort and worry related to bowel motions.

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Why Does Pooping Feel Good

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Bowel Habits

There are a number of things you can do to keep up healthy bowel habits and make sure you are going to the toilet frequently and comfortably. They consist of:

  • Staying hydrated: Water consumption in large quantities might facilitate regular bowel movements and soften stools.
  • Eating a balanced diet: Eating a lot of fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can support regular bowel motions and a healthy digestive system.
  • Exercise regularly: Frequent exercise can aid in promoting healthy bowel movements and stimulating digestion.
  • Reducing stress: Healthy digestive function can be supported by stress management practises like deep breathing and meditation.

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Why Does Pooping Feel Good

Foods that promote regular bowel movements

Some foods can be especially helpful for encouraging regular bowel movements. They consist of:

  • Prunes: Prunes are rich in sorbitol, a natural laxative that can aid in softening stools and encouraging bowel motions. Prunes are also high in fibre.
  • Flaxseed: Due to its high fibre content, flaxseed might support regular bowel motions.
  • Kiwi: High in fibre and enzymes, kiwis can support a healthy digestive system and regular bowel motions.
  • Leafy greens: Due to their high fibre content, leafy greens like spinach and kale can aid in promoting regular bowel motions and a healthy digestive system.

Why Does Pooping Feel Good

Lifestyle Changes for Better Bowel Health

Together with dietary improvements, various lifestyle modifications can also help to improve gut health. They consist of:

  • Using the bathroom when you feel the urge Constipation and other digestive problems might result from ignoring the need to poop.
  • Getting enough sleep: Sleep is important for general health and can affect how well the digestive system works.
  • Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption Constipation and acid reflux are two digestive conditions that might be exacerbated by these practises.

When to See a Doctor

Although irregular bowel movements are common, chronic digestive problems should be seen by a doctor. It is advised that you consult your doctor if you suffer any of the following symptoms:

  • persistent diarrhoea or constipation
  • stool with blood
  • Unaccounted-for weight loss
  • cramping or discomfort in the abdomen
  • having trouble swallowing

The Importance of Proper Posture

You wouldn’t believe how much your posture can affect how you use the lavatory. In fact, using a conventional toilet can make it more difficult for your body to get rid of waste. Your rectum becomes kinked when you sit on a toilet, which makes it harder for the stool to move through. Inconvenience and tension may result from this.

Fortunately, squatting is a straightforward solution to this issue. The best position to urinate is when squatting, since it straightens your rectus and facilitates stool passage. The Squatty Potty is one of many products on the market that might assist you in getting into the correct squatting position.

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Why Does Pooping Feel Good

Benefits of pooping in the morning

Having a bowel movement in the morning has a number of advantages, including:

  • Promotes regularity: Setting up a regular restroom schedule can assist in controlling bowel movements and preventing constipation.
  • Boosts energy levels: Holding in waste can be uncomfortable, painful, and draining on one’s energies. Stool-passing in the morning can help ease this discomfort and increase energy.
  • Improves digestion: Having a bowel movement can support good digestion by removing waste and toxins from the colon.
  • Reduces bloating: By having a bowel movement in the morning, constipation-related bloating and discomfort can be lessened.
  • Promotes mental clarity: Holding in waste can be uncomfortable and distracting to the mind. These symptoms can be helped by having a bowel movement, which also helps with mental clarity.

Generally, having a bowel movement in the morning and developing a regular bathroom habit can help support digestive health.


In conclusion, pooping can feel pleasant for a multitude of reasons, such as the comfort it offers the body and mind. Healthy eating and lifestyle choices can help encourage regular bowel motions, which are crucial for overall health and wellbeing.

It’s crucial to consult a doctor if you have ongoing digestive problems or changes in your bowel habits in order to rule out any underlying medical diseases. You can reap the many advantages of regular, easy bowel movements by taking the necessary precautions and attending to the health of your digestive system.


Why do some people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about bowel movements?

Although it’s usual for people to feel awkward or ashamed when talking about bodily processes like bowel motions, it’s vital to keep in mind that these are normal processes that everyone goes through. The best digestive health can be achieved by maintaining open lines of communication with family members and medical specialists.

Can certain medications impact bowel movements?

Certainly, several drugs, including some antidepressants and opioids, can cause constipation and make bowel movements painful and difficult.

How often should I have a bowel movement?

Adults should generally have at least one bowel movement each day, though this might vary based on a person’s diet, hydration, and degree of activity.

What foods can promote regular bowel movements?

Prunes, flaxseed, kiwi, and leafy greens are a few examples of foods high in fibre that can be very helpful for promoting regular bowel motions.

When should I see a doctor about digestive issues?

It is advised that you consult a medical expert if you have persistent digestive problems or changes in your bowel habits, so that any underlying medical diseases can be ruled out. A healthcare provider should be consulted if you experience symptoms including prolonged diarrhoea or constipation, blood in the stool, unexplained weight loss, or cramping or pain in your abdomen.

Why does pooping feel good for guys?

Pooping can provide a sense of relief and satisfaction, which can feel good for both men and women. However, there is no specific reason why pooping might feel better for guys specifically.

Why does pooping feel good on your period?

During your menstrual cycle, your body goes through a variety of hormonal changes. This can sometimes cause constipation, so pooping can provide relief and a sense of comfort during this time.

Why does pooping feel good for women?

As mentioned earlier, pooping can provide a sense of relief and satisfaction, which can feel good for both men and women.

Why does it feel good to hold poop in?

It is not advised to hold in excrement since it may cause discomfort and even pain. Holding it in might feel wonderful at the time, but doing so might result in more serious issues like constipation or even faecal impaction.

Why does the stomach feel better after pooping?

Your stomach may feel better after you poop since it helps reduce the pressure and discomfort that come with indigestion or constipation.

Why do I sweat and get chills when I poop?

Several things, such as the release of endorphins during the bowel movement or a fast drop in blood pressure, might make you sweat and feel cold when you defecate. It is best to see a doctor if you frequently experience this or if it is accompanied by other symptoms, even if it may not necessarily be a cause for concern.

I pooped today, and after that, I pooped again, but only a small amount, and it feels like I want to poop again. Why?

This could be a sign of constipation or incomplete bowel movements. It is recommended to stay hydrated, eat high-fibre foods, and consider seeing a doctor if symptoms persist.

When I poop, there are always a few drops of blood at the end but no pain. I don’t poop every day, so I may be constipated as well. Is this serious? Should I tell someone?

Seeing blood in your stool can be a sign of a variety of conditions, including haemorrhoids or colorectal cancer. It is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the cause of the bleeding.

Why is it that humans do not mind the smell of their own fart or poop but can’t stand the smell of other people’s fart or poop?

This is likely due to one’s familiarity with one’s own body odour and the fact that people are more sensitive to the unfamiliar odours of others.

Why do I feel hungry after pooping?

Pooping can stimulate the digestive system and make room for more food, leading to hunger.

What does bowel cancer poop smell like?

There is no specific smell associated with bowel cancer poop. However, changes in bowel habits, blood in the stool, and abdominal pain or discomfort can be signs of bowel cancer.

Why does my body smell like poop? Someone in my family smells like poop, and I think I might, even though I have extremely good hygiene.

There may be a medical condition causing this odor, such as a gastrointestinal disorder or an infection. It’s recommended to see a doctor to determine the cause.

Out of nowhere, I started pooping mucus along with my poop. I am not sexually active. Is this normal?

Mucus in the stool can be a sign of inflammation or infection in the colon. It is recommended to see a doctor to determine the cause.

Why does my stomach hurt when I push myself to poop, and it causes my mouth to water with a feeling of throwing up but I never throw up?

This could be a sign of constipation or a gastrointestinal issue. It is recommended to see a doctor to determine the cause.

For some reason, I hate sitting down about 2–3 days after I poop. It makes me so uncomfortable. How do I stop this?

It’s recommended to stay hydrated and eat high-fibre foods to promote regular bowel movements. If discomfort persists, it’s best to consult with a doctor.

Why does my stomach hurt for 2–3 minutes after my first bowel movement? The sensation is that of the next turd moving into position; I know this because once the discomfort stops, I am able to pass more poop.

This could be a sign of incomplete bowel movements or constipation. It is recommended to stay hydrated, eat high-fibre foods, and consider seeing a doctor if symptoms persist.