Maui’s Unthinkable Scene: Jumping into the Sea to Escape the Oncoming Inferno

Maui's Unthinkable Scene: Jumping into the Sea to Escape the Oncoming Inferno
Posted On: August 9th, 2023
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Maui’s Unthinkable Scene: Jumping into the Sea to Escape the Oncoming Inferno

Some locals in Maui are resorting to jumping into the sea to escape the oncoming flames because the out-of-control bush fire there is so terrible.

Since the inferno, which was started by a firestorm blown almost 800 miles away by Tropical Storm Dora, has shut all 911 lines and communications on Maui, the situation has gotten so bad that even emergency crews are unable to aid.

‘911 is down. There is no cell service. On Wednesday morning, Sylvia Luke, the acting governor of Hawaii, announced that the phone service was down.

She declared, “On Maui, the hospital system is overburdened with burn victims and others suffering from smoke inhalation. The fact is that burn victims must be evacuated because Maui’s hospitals are unable to provide them with proper care.

Almost 14,000 homes and businesses on Maui have also lost power as a result of this catastrophe, according to

Maui's Unthinkable Scene: Jumping into the Sea to Escape the Oncoming Inferno

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Tuesday night, Clint Hanson used a drone to film the expanding fire in the Kahului region. “Lahaina is devastated,” he declared. People are diving into the water to escape the flames, which first responders are battling to contain. All boat owners are urged to assist in rescue efforts. This is disastrous.

Twelve persons were saved close to Lahaina, according to the Coast Guard and county officials, “after entering the ocean due to the smoky and fiery conditions.” Officials from Maui County continued, “Lifeguards moved individuals to safe spots. Where the catastrophe will go next is unclear.

The direction and location of the fire, together with the tough terrain, steep topography, and dropping humidity, have made it difficult to estimate the path and pace of the jungle fire, according to Maui County officials and Maui Fire officials.

“The fire can be one mile or more from your house, but in one or two minutes, it could be at your house,” said Jeff Giesea, assistant chief of the Maui County Fire Department. A fire’s main source can be far from where burning embers are located.

How about the travellers?

A local airline and hotels are collaborating with state officials, according to Luke, to try to attract tourists to neighbouring islands. But stuttering communications have made it difficult to get in touch with everyone.

Luke claimed that many residents of the west side, including those in the Lahaina region, are unable to communicate with county officials. The lieutenant governor claimed that in some places, such as hotels, a satellite phone is the only dependable method of communication.

“What we’re attempting to do is place people in satellite phone coverage regions. Because just one hotel has satellite phones with its owners, Luke said Wednesday morning, “We might only be in contact with that one hotel. You can only establish communication this way. Communication is being hampered, and we are really concerned.

CNNS reported that the Front Street stores, a popular tourist area in Lahaina, had already been completely destroyed by the fire. National Guard spokesperson Major Jeff Hickman confirmed this in an email on Tuesday night.

Buildings are involved on both sides of it. The fire department was probably overworked at the time because there were no fire engines available, according to company owner Alan Dickerson. It is Maui’s primary shopping district.

According to county officials, the off-island fire has reportedly expanded to roughly 1,000 acres of the island. Unknown is the cause of the fire.

The ongoing incident is being assisted by members of the Hawaii National Guard

, and more assistance will be provided. Hawaii Adjutant General Major General Kenneth Hara wrote on Facebook that “Hawaii National Guardsmen are activated and currently assisting on traffic control points on the island of Maui with the Maui Police Department.”

Maui's Unthinkable Scene: Jumping into the Sea to Escape the Oncoming Inferno

According to Hara, Hurricane Dora develops a potent high-pressure system to the north of it as it moves up the island chain. Strongly destructive winds result from this. The 60 mph strong gusts are expected to last through the night, and then Wednesday when Dora and the high-pressure system move further west, they should start to subside.

The effects of Hurricane Dora on the wildfires

As of Wednesday afternoon, both Dora and the high-pressure system are predicted to travel west, which will cause the winds to weaken. Two brush fires were raging on the Big Island, according to officials in a press release on Tuesday: one in the North Kohala district and one in the South Kohala district. Due to power shortages brought on by the fire, some residents were required to leave.

In light of Dora and its effects, Lt. Gov. Luke, who is in charge while Gov. Josh Green is out of the country, declared an emergency on Tuesday. Green reportedly endorsed Luke’s initiatives. He remarked, “My thoughts are with those who have been affected by Hurricane Dora.” “Lt. Governor Luke has my complete backing,”

The fire that started Tuesday in Cedar Park, Texas, destroyed one apartment complex, damaged others, and forced evacuations across continental America. As of Tuesday afternoon, the fire in the Austin suburb had consumed around 50 acres.

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