Is chicken and rice good for weight loss? : 5 proven Benefits of Chicken and Rice

is chicken and rice good for weight loss
Posted On: March 4th, 2023
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Is chicken and rice good for weight loss?

When attempting to lose weight, a lot of individuals ask this question. Both chicken and rice are common diet staples that are frequently suggested as being part of a balanced diet. But do they actually aid in weight loss? Let’s look more closely.

The Basics of the Rice and Chicken Diet

A meal plan centred around eating chicken and rice as the primary sources of protein and carbs is known as the rice and chicken diet. One cup of brown rice and one serving of chicken breast are commonly consumed as part of the diet. Although some varieties let you add extras like veggies, the fundamental elements are always the same.

is chicken and rice good for weight loss

How Chicken and Brown Rice Can Help You Lose Weight

Brown rice and chicken can be combined to make a filling and healthy meal that can aid with weight loss. While the fibre in brown rice might assist in improving digestion and lessening cravings, the protein in chicken can help you feel full. Furthermore, being low in fat and calories, chicken and brown rice are the ideal foods for weight loss.

Cook the brown rice per the directions on the package before preparing the chicken and brown rice. Cook the chicken completely on the grill or in the oven while the rice is cooking. Herbs and spices can flavour the chicken without adding calories or fat. Brown rice should be a bed for the chicken if you want a filling and healthy supper.

Why Rice and Chicken Are Good Choices for Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why rice and chicken can help you lose weight:

  • high in protein

Protein, which is necessary for mending and regenerating muscles, is abundant in chicken. Because it can promote fullness and decrease cravings, protein can also aid in weight loss. Also a good source of protein, rice goes well with chicken.

  • low in calories

Both chicken and rice have a low caloric content, making them both excellent choices for anyone trying to reduce weight. A cup of brown rice has about 220 calories, compared to about 165 calories in one serving of chicken breast. These two items combined offer a satisfying and nourishing lunch without the chance of overeating.

  • rich in nutrients

Chicken and rice are high in vital elements that are good for general health in addition to protein and carbs. Niacin and B6, which are crucial for the metabolism of energy, are found in chicken and are a rich source of these vitamins. B vitamins and minerals like magnesium and selenium are both abundant in rice.

  • easy to prepare

The simplicity of the rice and chicken diet is one of its benefits. For meal preparation, both chicken and rice are simple to make and may be prepared in huge quantities. Time can be saved, and the temptation to eat junk food or fast food is lessened.

is chicken and rice good for weight loss

5 Benefits of Chicken and Rice for Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why eating chicken and rice can help you lose weight. Here are a few of the main advantages:

  1. High Protein Content: Lean protein, such as that found in chicken, helps keep you feeling full and satisfied for extended periods of time. As a result, there may be a decrease in overall caloric intake and eventual weight loss. Protein is present in rice, albeit in lesser amounts.
  2. Low in Fat: Chicken breast has a low fat content, making it a suitable option for people trying to cut back on their calorie consumption generally. Together with low-fat rice, this can produce a well-rounded and healthful dinner.
  3. Complex Carbohydrates: Rice is a type of carbohydrate that the body breaks down slowly, giving you steady energy all day. This may lessen desires for sugary foods and unhealthy snacks, which might result in weight gain.
  4. Nutrient Dense: Chicken and rice are both nutrient-dense foods that are crucial for general health and wellbeing. These nutrients include vitamins and minerals. A healthy body has fewer cravings for bad foods, which leads to better dietary decisions and, eventually, weight loss.
  5. Versatility: There are numerous ways to prepare chicken and rice, making it a flexible supper choice. It is a tasty and filling dinner that may be baked, grilled, boiled, or stir-fried and can be seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices.

is chicken and rice good for weight loss

Tips for Including Chicken and Rice in Your Diet

If you want to include chicken and rice in your diet to lose weight, keep in mind the following advice:

  • Choose skinless, boneless chicken breasts.
  1. Are you aware that skinless, boneless chicken breast is a fantastic alternative for individuals seeking to reduce weight?
  2. Not only is it an excellent source of protein, but it is also low in fat and calories.
  3. However, it is vital to avoid fried or breaded chicken since they might contain significant quantities of calories and fat, which can impair weight loss attempts.
  • Use brown rice instead of white rice.

Compared to white rice, brown rice is a whole grain that is higher in fibre and minerals. It won’t make your blood sugar levels soar and crash because it is lower on the glycemic index. For a healthy option, select brown rice rather than white rice.

  • Watch your portions.

Although eating chicken and rice can help you lose weight, you should be mindful of your portion sizes. To restrict your calorie intake, limit yourself to a cup of boiled rice and a 3-ounce dish of chicken.

  • Be mindful of your seasonings.

Even though chicken and rice might be nutritious, how you season them can have a significant impact on their nutritional content. Avoid using seasonings or sauces with a lot of calories that are also heavy in salt or sugar. Instead, flavour your food using herbs, spices, and low-calorie sauces.

is chicken and rice good for weight loss

How to Prepare Chicken and Rice

Here is a detailed recipe for chicken and rice that will help you lose weight:

  • Step 1: Cook the rice

To prepare rice, gauge one cup of rice and two cups of water. Ensure to rinse the rice in a sieve before integrating it into a pot. After adding two cups of water, let it boil. Then, lower the heat setting and let it simmer for a duration of 18 minutes, while maintaining the pot’s lid in place. Next, take the pot off the stove and allow it to cool for five minutes, following which fluff it with a fork.

  • Step 2: Cook the chicken

Preheat the oven to 375°F and prepare the chicken. Employ your preferred selection of herbs, salt, and pepper to flavor the chicken breasts. Place the chicken breasts on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper, and bake for 25 minutes. Remove the chicken from the oven, allow it to cool, and then slice it.

  • Step 3: Assemble the Meal Prep

It’s time to make dinner now that the chicken and rice have cooled. Add one cup of rice to your meal preparation container after measuring it out. Chicken breast should also be sliced and added to the container. Add your favourite vegetables, such broccoli or carrots, last. To keep it fresh for subsequent use, put the jar in the refrigerator.

is chicken and rice good for weight loss


In conclusion, the rice and chicken diet could be a wonderful approach to losing weight because it’s rich with protein, low in calories, and full of nutrients. You can simply add lean chicken and brown rice to your diet to produce a satisfying and nutritious dinner that will help you reach your weight loss objectives. For added variety, opt for lean chicken slices and pick brown rice instead of white rice. Don’t forget to put in some extra veggies too!


What are the benefits of eating chicken and rice every day?

While brown rice offers fibre and other minerals, chicken is a fantastic source of protein and important elements like iron and vitamin B12. Regular consumption of these items as part of a well-balanced diet can boost muscular building, encourage satiety, and enhance digestive health.

Is chicken and rice good for weight loss in dogs?

Before making any big dietary changes for your dog, it’s crucial to speak with a veterinarian. Dogs can benefit from eating chicken and rice as a source of protein and fibre, but it’s crucial to make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they require without consuming excessive amounts of calories.

What would happen if I ate nothing but chicken breasts and broccoli and jogged for one hour every day? Would I get very toned and buff, or just nutrient deficient and tired? I’m a 21-year-old, 160-pound female.

A balanced diet is vital because eating only chicken and broccoli cannot give your body all the nutrients it needs. A fantastic method to improve your health is to exercise for an hour every day, but it’s crucial to pay attention to your body and refrain from overdoing it.

If I ate just chicken and rice (as a single meal) for a month, how much weight could I lose?

Depending on your unique caloric requirements and level of activity, you could lose a certain amount of weight by eating nothing but chicken and rice for a month. It’s crucial to eat a balanced diet and spread out your nutrient intake among a variety of foods.

Is it unhealthy if I only eat chicken breast, rice, and vegetables?

While a lunch of chicken breast, rice, and vegetables might be considered healthy, it’s crucial to include a variety of foods in your diet to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you require. Also, it’s critical to monitor portion sizes and prevent overeating.

What if I eat chicken breast, brown rice, and vegetables every day? Will I lose some weight? Also have oats for breakfast.

Chicken breast, brown rice, and veggies can make for nutritious meals, but how much exercise you get each day and how many calories you consume will determine how much weight you lose. Aim to include oats in your breakfast routine to improve the nutritional value and fibre content of your diet.

Why is chicken and rice considered a healthy dish?

Chicken and rice can be a healthy meal as chicken is a good source of protein, essential nutrients like iron and vitamin B12, and fiber. Opting for brown rice and lean chicken slices can help you reduce your overall calorie intake and promote weight loss. However, it’s important to note that weight loss is influenced by several factors, including calorie consumption and physical activity levels. Including nutritious breakfast options like oats can also help you increase your fiber and nutrient intake.

Is white rice bad for you if you are trying to lose weight?

Although white rice is less nutrient-dense than brown rice, which offers more fibre and other crucial elements, it is still not necessarily detrimental for weight reduction. Regardless of the kind of rice you select, it’s critical to pay attention to portion sizes and overall calorie intake when trying to lose weight.

Is a diet of only rice and chicken good for when you are working out? I will eat fruits and vegetables as well, but for the main meal itself, is it good for me?

It’s vital to have diversity in your diet to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, even though chicken and rice can be fantastic sources of protein and carbohydrates for muscle building. You can increase the amount of vitamins, minerals, and fibre in your meals by including fruits and vegetables.

Should I eat rice if I want to lose weight?

Because it contains fibre and other necessary nutrients, brown rice can be a healthy addition to a diet that aims to lose weight. The consumption of too much rice (or any food, for that matter) can result in weight gain, so it’s crucial to pay attention to portion sizes and overall calorie intake.

What would happen if I ate about 1000 calories of cooked white rice and nothing else as my one meal a day intermittent diet meal? Would I lose weight?

White rice with 1000 calories in it, cooked every day, is not a healthy or long-term weight loss plan. Such a limited diet can result in dietary deficits and may, over time, harm metabolism. It’s crucial to eat a balanced diet that offers your body all the nutrients it needs.


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